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Management and Strategic Services


Regardless of your organization's size, 5 Points' personnel are available to lend a hand and their extensive experience to your IT management and strategic needs.   5 Points' senior team members can assist your organization by serving as interim senior management or assessing your current capabilities and recommending a plan that takes you to the next level.

5 Points Consulting works to understand your business, incorporating existing strengths into our work, recommendations and strategies.  Our senior team members pride themselves on their ability to make an immediate, positive impact to our client's organization by first learning about your organization and then devising an plan that leverages your strengths and amplifies your best ideas .

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Program & Project Management Services


Depending on the survey, between 40% and 76% of projects fail to achieve their expected business benefit.   Consistent among all studies is that the incorporation of experienced project management and related toolsets & methodologies dramatically increase the odds of success.   At 5 Points Consulting, our Project Management Teams apply their expertise and proven approach to deliver the greatest level of success to our clients.   

Averaging more than 15 years of experience, our Project Managers have successfully delivered all manner of projects, ranging from large-scale, global, enterprise-wide solutions for Fortune 100 companies to agile, "skunk-works" solutions with consistent high-value returns. Given their experience, they are adept at applying and scaling the level and type of project management to the nature and type of project.

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Integration & Implementation Services


With a wealth of cloud-based and configurable software packages available, companies are wisely making the choice to base their application portfolios on these functional and industry-specific solutions.  By their nature, these software products provide exceptional point solutions but alone do not solve the larger enterprise-wide business needs.  To fully realize the value of these packaged products, they must be seamlessly implemented to enable cross-system workflow, data sharing, transaction management and end-user interface design.  5 Points' implementation and integration services are designed to maximize the potential of each point solution within the context of a company's entire application portfolio.   

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Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Computing is a promising and quickly evolving assortment of technologies and services.  While the Cloud has the potential to improve business agility and responsiveness, reduce risk and lower costs, the pace of change and confusing set of new offerings in this area has made it difficult to achieve these benefits.  In far too many instances, we see companies whose entry into the cloud have been fraught with problems or who have alternatively delayed their entry to the cloud altogether... in either case, these companies are missing out on the benefits that a well-managed migration could provide.

5 Points has the experience to help you navigate the cloud landscape offering a number of services appropriate to your situation.   Whether you are just considering a step into the Cloud or you are there, but not realizing the benefits expected, we can help. 

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Enterprise Data Services


According to The Data Warehousing Institute, the cost of data quality problems annually exceeds $600 Billion. Additional estimates indicate 15-20% of the data in a typical organization is erroneous or otherwise unusable.  Moreover, this lack of quality can lead to distrust in the data results which, in turn, leads to time wasted verifying data and delayed action impacting business results. 

In the era of big data, data quality must be viewed through the prism of business value. There are important business insights that can be derived from big data, with its varying content and types, which may typically be seen as low quality.

5 Points' Data Services are designed around  industry best practices and analytical methods which deliver data quantifiable data quality.   Through installation of management competency programs, our client solutions provide policies, processes and infrastructure to quickly consume, integrate, analyze and distribute high quality, trusted data so that insights can be derived and action taken as rapidly as possible.

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Quality & Testing Services


Since 5 Points Consulting embeds quality related programs into all of its services, it's natural that we would offer services specifically designed to assist our clients with the implementation and management of its quality and testing efforts.   5 Points offers a comprehensive set of quality and testing services ranging from system/integration testing to quantitative data and system quality analysis.  Whether implemented together as part of a comprehensive quality program, or independently, 5 Points' services help reduce maintenance costs, business impact and risk associated with system and data quality issues.  

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Merger & Acquisition Services


Whether contemplating the merger of two companies, the reorganization of business units or the consolidation of disparate systems, a multitude of factors must be properly addressed in order to achieve the anticipated business value.   Properly managed, these factors — people, organization, process & technical — can be balanced to deliver a successfully transformed company.

5 Points' experienced teams deliver the core services — change management, process & organizational design/optimization, technical services and program management — through an integrated methodology which addresses these common concerns… delivering business value.

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