Program & Project Management Services


Depending on the survey, between 40% and 76%  of projects fail to achieve their expected business benefit.   Consistent among all studies is that the incorporation of experienced project management and related toolsets & methodologies dramatically increase the odds of success.   At 5 Points Consulting, our Project Management Teams apply their expertise and proven approach to deliver the greatest level of success to our clients.   

Averaging more than 15 years of experience, our Project Managers have successfully delivered all manner of projects, ranging from large-scale, global, enterprise-wide solutions for Fortune 100 companies to agile, "skunk-works" solutions with consistent high-value returns. Given their experience, they are adept at applying and scaling the level and type of project management to the nature and type of project. 

Applicable Services

Project Reviews/Assessments --- To gain a full understanding of an ongoing project or client situation, we complete an initial objective assessment, reviewing a project's budget, resource requirements, technical feasibility and return on investments. Our team will issue a formal report offering corrective measures (as required).

Project/Program Management --- Our skilled Project Managers have extensive experience leading complex, high-value projects and managing employees and divisions of top companies. 

​​​Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) --- A metric driven, cost-effective method of providing packaged, comprehensive Project Management capabilities    This service includes Project Management, Administration, Tools and Support at an affordable rate.  

Project Rescue and Recovery​ ​--- Sadly, 5 Points Project Management teams are too often engaged when a projects have suffered from mismanagement.   In these instances, 5 Points provides Project Rescue and Recovery services.   Our team takes on these troubled projects, restructuring and managing the projects to a successful conclusion.

Client Project Representative --- While our clients would like to believe that large-scale software integration firms operate in the client's interest, unfortunately, they have competing agendas.   In these instances, our Program/Project managers are engaged to represent your interest.  

Project Administration --- Realizing that each situation has different administrative needs, we offer onsite and/or virtual Project Administrators who assist with required project reporting and administrative functions.

IT & Enterprise PMO Implementation --- To ensure project success, we offer IT and Enterprise level Program Management Organizations (PMOs) that provide a common toolset and administration to properly manage resource, financial, schedule and reporting requirements. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Business Case Development/Training --- Proper controls for strategic project evaluation and approval are crucial to the success of an approved project. Our team will help you to implement and train company personnel on business case development.