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Project Management as a Service


Undertake Your Projects With Confidence

According to a PMI/CIO Magazine survey, the likelihood of project success improves by 65% when managed by qualified Project Managers using proven methods. Despite this metric, companies continue to pursue projects without proper leadership due to the perceived costs and difficulty in finding good, experienced PMs. 

As a company specializing in Project Management, 5 Points Consulting has solved this problem through its revolutionary Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) offering. PMaaS offers an affordable, high-value way of delivering project success and business benefit.

What is PMaaS?

PMaaS is a unique offering from 5 Points which builds on the company’s rich history of providing the industry’s best project management services. 

With PMaaS, 5 Points has packaged the essential project management and project administrative functions with a cloud-based dashboard/project site to provide an affordable, high-value service.

How’s it work?

PMaaS is a tiered, subscription-based service designed for quick startup and to easily fit within your existing organizational structure. 5 Points dedicated Project Managers and Project Administrators will provide project leadership and project health reporting utilizing our cloud-based system project dashboards. 

Why 5 Points’ Project Management as a Service is a Smart Choice


Ensures the best opportunity for project success by utilizing 5 Points' experienced project management and proven methods.

Flexible Staffing

Through 5 Points’ PMaaS, your company can optimize the staffing costs for your project management function by staffing only when you need it .

Accurate Reporting 

5 Points uses proven, metrics-driven approach to project status and overall RYG scoring through online, real-time dashboards. 

Structured Approach 

5 Points' proven PM methodology provides the highest possible opportunity for success .

Full Project Coverage

Big projects depend on the success of smaller, dependent projects. Through PMaaS, you can provide cost-effective PM services to all projects and understand the status of your complete project portfolio.