Quality & Testing Services


Since 5 Points Consulting embeds quality related programs into all of its services, it's natural that we would offer services specifically designed to assist our clients with the implementation and management of its quality and testing efforts.   5 Points offers a comprehensive set of quality and testing services ranging from system/integration testing to quantitative data and system quality analysis.  Whether implemented together as part of a comprehensive quality program, or independently, 5 Points' services help reduce maintenance costs, business impact and risk associated with system and data quality issues.  

Applicable Services

System Quality Analysis --- 5 Points is available to conduct system quality reviews of specific applications or entire portfolios. Our analysis considers both quantitative and qualitative system evaluations based on initial quality, trouble ticket analysis, code level reviews and solution effectiveness.

Data Quality Analysis --- Fully understanding your company's data value chain is critical to your long term success. 5 Points' resources can quantify your current data quality, level of trust in the data and how it is being leveraged as an asset. 

Consumer Quality Impact Study --- In today's world, business systems extend well beyond the enterprise to consumers via the web, mobile and social media. Our Customer Quality Impact Study measures the impact of quality on your customers, brand and sales.

Training/User Effectiveness Study --- An often overlooked metric in the quality circle is that of training and user education. 5 Points' teams can conduct a multi-perspective study focused on the efficacy of training materials, course-ware, user guides, as well as short- and long-term user knowledge retention measures. 

Testing Services --- In support of application development/integration work, 5 Points' resources are available for system, integration, user acceptance and deployment testing efforts.

QA/Testing Program Implementations --- 5 Points' teams are also available to help you design and implement your own comprehensive quality assurance program. Tailored to your unique needs, our consultants will lead the implementation and training for your QA and testing initiatives.