Integration & Implementation Services


With a wealth of cloud-based and configurable software packages available, companies are wisely making the choice to base their application portfolios on these functional and industry specific solutions.  By their nature, these software products provide exceptional point solutions but alone do not solve the larger enterprise-wide business needs.  To fully realize the value of these packaged products, they must be seamlessly implemented to enable cross-system workflow, data sharing, transaction management and end-user interface design.  5 Points' implementation and integration services are designed to maximize the potential of each point solution within the context of a company's entire application portfolio.   

Applicable Services

Software SelectionAs required, 5 Points' teams are available to assist in the software selection process. Focusing on business alignment and total cost of ownership, among other factors. 5 Points will facilitate the RFP, vendor evaluation and selection processes. 

Integration StrategyA properly designed integration strategy should be flexible and extendable. 5 Points' experts are prepared to evaluate your current systems integration and design cost-effective, agile solutions which fit your business needs.

System Integration ServicesUtilizing industry leading practices, 5 Points' Integration Architects can successfully design and deliver comprehensive data integration solutions.

Workflow & Process DesignTo be effective, properly designed system integrations enable end-users to seamlessly and transparently conduct business functions across system and database boundaries. 5 Points works with business team members to design efficient workflows and supporting system configurations/customizations.

Change Management & Training ServicesAs part of our comprehensive approach, 5 Points is available to prepare appropriate training and change management materials in support of system integration projects.