Enterprise Data Services


According to The Data Warehousing Institute, the cost of data quality problems annually exceeds $600 Billion. Additional estimates indicate 15-20% of the data in a typical organization is erroneous or otherwise unusable.  Moreover, this lack of quality can lead to distrust in the data results which, in turn, leads to time wasted verifying data and delayed action impacting business results. 

In the era of big data, data quality must be viewed through the prism of business value. There are important business insights that can be derived from big data, with its varying content and types, which may typically be seen as low quality.

5 Points' Data Services are designed around  industry best practices and analytical methods which deliver data quantifiable data quality.   Through installation of management competency programs, our client solutions provide policies, processes and infrastructure to quickly consume, integrate, analyze and distribute high quality, trusted data so that insights can be derived and action taken as rapidly as possible.

Applicable Services

Data Assessments & Strategy --- Gain a full understanding of your company's data value chain. Quantify current data quality, level of trust in the data and how it is being leveraged as an asset. 

Data Governance Services --- Define optimal organization and data management processes/systems to ensure high quality data throughout the organization.

Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics Services --- Leveraging existing data assets, define projects which deliver business insights and return high-value solutions.

Data & System Integration Services --- To ensure data integrity, sharing data among portfolio systems requires careful planning. 5 Points' Integration Architects can successfully design and deliver comprehensive data integration solutions.

Data Cleansing and Data Management Services --- Our teams are available to conduct & manage necessary data cleansing and on-going data management efforts.