Cloud Computing Services


Cloud Computing is a promising and quickly evolving assortment of technologies and services.  While the Cloud has the potential to improve business agility and responsiveness, reduce risk and lower costs, the pace of change and confusing set of new offerings in this area has made it difficult to achieve these benefits.  In far too many instances, we see companies whose entry into the cloud have been fraught with problems or who have alternatively delayed their entry to the cloud altogether... in either case, these companies are missing out on the benefits that a well managed migration could provide.

5 Points has the experience to help you navigate the cloud landscape offering a number of services appropriate to your situation.   Whether you are just considering a step into the Cloud or you are there, but not realizing the benefits expected, we can help. 

Applicable Services

Cloud Migration Strategy & Planning --- Whether your company is just considering an entry to the Cloud or you've already established a initial Cloud presence, our team can assist you in developing your company's comprehensive Cloud strategy.      

Cloud Migrations --- Your path to achieving the highest possible benefit begins with a well planned and managed migration.   With our extensive project management and cloud migration experience, 5 Points team members can ensure a smooth and seamless migration.  

Cloud Optimization --- Are you realizing the maximum benefits of your current investment?   Are there opportunities for a greater return?  Let 5 Points  evaluate your current computing landscape, service contracts, financials, etc.​ and we'll provide a comprehensive plan to improve your return, reduce your risks, and optimize your system management procedures.